Our Services Reduce Time and Cost…Significantly

“Gino is a remarkable and talented business professional, photographer and digital workflow expert. As the Director of a corporate creative studio, I manage a team of designers and a full-time photographer. I hired Gino to evaluate, problem solve and redesign our color-management workflow process. He was quick to understand our needs and developed a process for our team that has reduced time and cost significantly.”

Caroll Duque, Director of Creative Services – Norwood Promotional Products, a wholly-owned subsidiary of BIC USA, Inc.

“The time I spent with Gino has paid for itself a hundred times over… I no longer waste money on software that doesn’t fit my workflow, or equipment that won’t do the job. That alone is critical to keeping costs down. Workshops are fine for some, but Gino’s personal touch is much more cost effective. No matter what you need, he has the ability to teach you and set up everything you need from the shoot to the final print.”

Billie Redemeyer Studio

“When we initially brought you on board, we had some resistance from some of our company’s participants. But, you pressed forward and pushed us light years ahead of where we were a year and a half ago.

With your guidance, we’ve updated most of our computers and trained staff to perform weekly/bi-weekly calibration of monitors. In addition, we’ve purchased an Epson 4900 and two additional GMG on-board proofing systems for our Epson 7900 printers. But, we are most excited about how we can reproduce consistent color proofs from our facility here in Indiana and our facility in Wisconsin.”

Creative Converting, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Hoffmaster Group, Inc.

Our Customers are Happy…and YOURS will be too!

“Being that we work heavily with photo professionals, we received a few complaints…which led us to waste materials for re-prints, and we knew a change had to be made. Fortunately we knew who to call, and Gino helped us from start to finish, along with providing us with a thorough education of color management. We have virtually eliminated all customer complaints due to mis-matched color and can now correctly instruct how to reach our monitor and output settings for flawless prints. Without this service, we definitely would not be where we are today!”

Visions On Canvas

Our Teaching Style is Personal and Practical

“Gino’s professional approach to teaching everything from photography to workflow is second to none. His hands-on style, mastery of technology, and attention to detail will have you on track in no time at all.”

Billie Redemeyer Studio

“THANK YOU! Your information was truly helpful, practical and inspirational to the students. In addition, your presentation skills and interaction with the students was fantastic. Please accept my sincere thanks and I look forward to inviting you to speak again in the fall.”

Randy, Sierra College

“Gino really knows his material and is an excellent presenter. His passion for his photographic calling and effective communication skills ignite the enthusiasm of the students and they learn a lot.”

Betty, Folsom Community College

We Look Forward to a Long Term Relationship

“Gino went above and beyond our expectations and continues to follow up on our progress by sending reference materials and ideas to help keep us current on the latest trends. He brings ideas and solutions to the table that allow us to do business more efficiently and effectively. He receives my highest personal and professional endorsement.”

Caroll Duque, Director of Creative Services – Norwood Promotional Products, a wholly-owned subsidiary of BIC USA, Inc.