Gino Creglia’s Biography

Gino Creglia Photographer

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As a talented business professional, photographer, color management consultant, and digital workflow expert, Gino Creglia exhibits a down-to-earth, hard-working attitude and a professional, polished charisma. From his studio in Folsom, California, Gino offers unique photography and consulting services, saving his clients thousands of dollars and countless hours of unnecessary stress and headaches. He effortlessly blends his tech savvy expertise with his eye for perfection, creating a flawless final product.

Color Management

Gino’s color management expertise comes from his education and real world experiences. He helps digital photography businesses, corporate creative studios, graphic design workgroups, individuals, and entire organizations set up in-house photo labs with color management and digital workflow systems.

When he takes on a new project, he systematically evaluates, problem solves, and redesigns the color management workflow process. He seeks to fully understand a company’s depth and breadth, transforming color and images to match mission and goals. A recent client noted, “He was quick to understand our needs and developed a process for our team that has reduced time and cost significantly. Gino went above and beyond our expectations and continues to follow up on our progress sending reference materials and ideas to help keep us current on the latest trends.”

Gino ensures each project has reliable, accurate, standards-based color management during each step of the project cycle. From the moment the image is captured, through post-processing, to print and web output, Gino guides the process, ensuring the final product is nothing short of perfect. The creative imagery and color-managed results of his own professional photography only further attest to his exceptional talents and abilities.

Commercial Photography

commercial photography

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When choosing a commercial photographer, it’s important to choose someone who has the background, experience, and creativity to capture the spirit of your company. Photos are a valuable marketing tool for attracting new clients. Gino not only passes along a wealth of digital photography knowledge and experience, he provides a value-added service, ensuring the final product complies with the exacting requirements of each client.

Gino is also a successful wedding photographer and college instructor. He now limits his wedding photography to a select number of weddings each year, giving him ample time to concentrate on building his successful consulting business.

Superior Knowledge and Equipment = Exceptional Results

Gino advises and educates his clients on equipment purchases so they don’t waste time and resources experimenting with equipment that doesn’t accomplish their goals. He helps them utilize the equipment and software to maximize their investment.

Gino has earned numerous accolades in computer technology and digital photography. Fellow photographers recognize him for his digital photography expertise and often consult with him when they transition from film to digital photography. Gino is a member of Canon’s Professional Services (CPS), a prestigious association of professional photographers recognized for their expertise.

Gino works exclusively with the most advanced digital equipment and color management systems. He uses the Canon, Fuji, and Leica M camera systems. He compliments this cameras with Capture One DSLR software and also utilizes Adobe® Creative Suites™, Adobe® Photoshop® and Lightroom™, ImagePrint, Epson Pro Printers and Mac OS X.

Wedding Photography

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Working with Gino

Gino’s unique mix of talents and expertise are a rare “find”. While purchasing equipment and software is fairly easy, the hard part is making the equipment work for your goals and objectives. Gino understands which equipment and software will work best for you and teaches you how to use all of it. He helps you produce a higher level of “art” than you could image possible.

As a committed consultant, Gino builds long-term relationships with his clients. His long list of satisfied clients can attest to his fierce commitment. One satisfied client noted, “He is truly a creative individual, has high energy, and is extremely detail orientated. (Gino Creglia) brings ideas and solutions to the table, allowing you to do business more efficiently and effectively.”

Monitoring his clients’ progress is an ongoing process. Gino provides additional materials and ideas, helping them stay current on the latest advances and developments. He always delivers on time and on budget, but it’s his high quality photography and post production techniques that set him apart from the competition. From an investment perspective, hiring Gino as your consultant is the most prudent business move you can make. You’re hiring a brilliant, hard-worker who’s passionate about his business and helping clients achieve their goals.