Color Management Seminars

We customize seminars to fit the educational needs of our clients. You may choose one-on-one training sessions or group seminars in the following areas:

Color Management – What you will learn

  • Definition of .icc profiles
  • How to adjust images effectively within a color work space
  • How to calibrate your monitor to display accurate colors
  • The advantage of using a R.I.P. system for your printer
  • How to get color prints to match your color monitor’s colors
  • How to establish a digital and color workflow within your organization

Photoshop – What you will learn

  • About histograms
  • How to “Soft Proof” your images prior to printing
  • How to properly convert an image from RGB to CMYK
  • How to adjust an image using curves
  • What settings to use to sharpen an image
  • The best way to convert images to black-and-white
  • How to use masks to adjust images
  • The benefit of using adjustment layers
  • How to retouch portrait or landscape images

Digital Studio Design, Work Flow and Integration – What you will learn

  • What digital camera system to buy to achieve your goals
  • Which computer system to buy for your studio
  • Which software best streamlines the post-processing of images
  • How to implement a wireless file transfer system between cameras and computers
  • How to network your computer equipment to communicate with each other
  • How to implement a digital asset management system in your studio

Canon Digital SLR System – What you will learn

  • How to get correct exposure with a flash unit and camera
  • How to program your camera to fit your style of photography
  • The benefits of manually setting the camera’s exposure
  • The difference between shooting JPG vs. RAW
  • The best lenses for Canon cameras
  • Useful accessories to purchase