Color Management Consulting

Epson 9900

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Color management is the key to excellent images. You may have your digital lab components lined up and functioning properly, but if you make the wrong choice in color management, you may still fail to produce quality photos. You must select or create a “color space” or “working profile” that communicates successfully in the same language through every step in the process. If your camera is singing one tune and your monitor and printer are singing another, your final results will be a sour note!

The secret to color management is knowing what to do and when to do it. That’s where we come in!

Our color management consultant will explain the cardinal rules you must follow and the differing philosophies about setting up color processes. Color management is confusing for most people at first glance. We’ll take the mystery out of it so you can achieve amazing results.

Digital Studio Design

x-rite printer calibration

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In theory, setting up a digital photo-processing lab is easy with today’s technology. In practice, it’s a slightly different story! Deciding what to buy is the first challenge. You have dozens of choices in cameras, computers, data storage devices, monitors, printers and color calibration tools.

Our color management consultant guides you through the buying process based on your ultimate goals. We help you select hardware that can do the job and software that speaks the same language from one component to another.

After you buy your equipment, we set up and integrate the workflow process and teach you how to use it effectively. “Workflow” includes all the tools, techniques, and procedures that ensure the best possible photo quality.

Running an efficient and effective digital photography studio is like conducting a symphony orchestra: you have to know how to get all the instruments to play together to produce beautiful music! We orchestrate successful communication from one component to the next ensuring all your “instruments” are playing from the same page of music.

Digital Asset Management

Our consultant will help you establish standards for the process of storing, retrieving and distributing your digital images in a centralized and systematically organized system, allowing for the quick and efficient storage, retrieval and reuse of your digital images.