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We resolve issues that can encumber a digital studio so you won’t have to!

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Successful digital photography goes beyond artistic talent and technical expertise. In fact, setting up and capturing images are only the first steps. Appropriate lighting, configuration of complementary software programs, calibration of photographic hardware, and management of digital and color work flow are all factors in converting images to exceptional finished photos.

If your “best” digital images lack real-world vibrancy and vitality and you are continually disappointed in the color accuracy of your final photos, then the problem may not be your camera. The problem may be the efficiency of your digital workflow and color management system.

To succeed in the digital world of color management, you need a translator for every piece of equipment you use in order to produce precise photos. From camera to computer to color monitor to printer, you must manage the color workflow through all stages of production.

As a professional photographer, art director, or manager of a corporate design studio, your effectiveness and success depends on results. You don’t have the time or money to waste in trial and error. Our color management consultant eliminates roadblocks to your success and gets you where you want to go with digital photography. Personalized training helps ensure your profitability and retain you sanity. We help you select the right equipment and set up a color management system that produces the highest quality finished photos.